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Adult Day Care & In-home Care services


To provide high quality and cost effective social, medical, and personal care for your aging relative during the day while you work and or while you take a break.

  • To help you delay nursing home placement for as long as possible.
  • To help you keep sane at home
  • To help you sort through all the confusion and challenges associated with caregiving
  • To help you prepare for the future as the needs of your elderly loved one change
  • To help you locate options and resources for all your caregiving responsibilities

Who we are and what we do

The ‘S’ Generation Center is a recreational center for older adults. It is more than an adult day care center. It is a 2500 square foot recreational but medically oriented facility with a very accessible and bright activity room.
It is a recreational center that was built with an older adult in mind. The center’s large windows brings in natural light- Something that has been proven to be very good for the mood, memory and orientation of an older person.
It is a place where older adults go to interact with one another, a place where they go to imagine, reminisce, get mental stimulation, do simple exercises, play board games, do puzzles, eat really good food, bake cookies, do crafts, go on outings/field trips, watch movies, sing, play bingo and much more.


The Center is located in the historic Painesville, Ohio. Step inside the front doors and you will see the inviting decor, which we change from season to season. Our guests sit wherever they are comfortable; in recliners, chairs or lift chairs. We provide CAREGIVING; social day time care as well as in-home health care services to ease the burden of family members. Our services enable people needing care to continue living at home for as long as possible.    

We have a walk in and step in shower & spa for personal care and grooming. Our infirmary is equipped with a modern electric bed and lift chairs for naps and siesta. We have over 2500 square feet of space for our guests to spread out in, plus a security system to make sure that our guests remain safe all times.

There is a patio with beautiful flowers and outdoor furniture for our guest to enjoy the outdoors. The center is open every weekday from 7:00 am to 6:00 PM, and on Saturdays by appointment. Meals and plenty of stimulating activities are included in the affordable daily rate.

On average, our guests range in age from 65 to 97 years old, and on an average day, we can have anywhere from  8 to 15 guest and members in the facility. Our caring, licensed, bonded and insured staff of health care professionals preside over the daily schedule of activities which include exercise, crafts, table games, sing-alongs, music, reminiscing, walks, bingo and outings.

It is common for your loved one to refuse to come to the center for the first time and it is also common for him or her to say "I don't want to be with those old people".  After a few visits, he or she will make a friend and then it will become a second home.   It takes some of our members up to five visits to become comfortable.  We invite you and your loved one to come over for lunch a few times to help ease the transition.

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