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I want everyone to know how impressed Ed's Physical Therapist, and Speech Therapist are with the progress Ed has been made since coming to the 'S' Generation Center. They keep asking me: “who are these people”  they tell me they have never been asked at for a copy of the physical therapy exercises for our clients. We are so happy there is an dult day center willing to do the exercises with the client, and encourage exercise to make Ed stronger.  The speech therapists has noticed a big difference, and so have I, Ed, is talking more now, he is making eye contact, he smiles, and looks at me again when he talks now; he seems happy.   

I checked out one or two other places, they had crowds of people sitting in chairs, and maybe just one or two young girls to look after them all; Ed would have been totally lost in the crowd there. I took him to the another adult day center in Mentor but he just he just hated it, and he hated me; he would beg me not to leave by clinging to me, and would keeping trying to get his coat to go with me.  I would end up going home and just crying while he was there. It was bad for him and me, I was supposed to be relaxing or resting at home while he was at the center, but I would just cry and feel guilty. When I would return to pick him up, he would glare at me once with hatred it his eyes, and refuse to look at me the whole drive home. 

Now, he wants to go into the 'S' Generation Center, I think it's wonderful, Ed really wants to go, we tell him he's “going to school” (Ed is a retired school teacher) and he cooperates and is happy on the way driving in. I like seeing how Ed gets a warm greeting right at the door, and even before the front door, they come out to the lot even n help us in.  Now,  Ed  is happy to let me turn him over to their good hands, he smiles at me and nods when I say good by to him. I go home happy and can get things done now knowing he is happy there and getting good care. 

We are so excited to see how much they teach him at 'S' Generation. You taught him to eat with a spoon, he can feed himslef now. You got him walking and exercising, and he can even walk around a kick a big bouncy ball for exercise and you tell me how this reduces stress for him when he becomes restless. He is continent now, absolutely continent again, because of you guys getting him up to exercies and toilet ever hour and a half, his body has adjusted, i'm not waking up to wet sheets any more at night.  You know, other places just baby-sit, but here, they really work with him, Mary Claire really cares, MC you are wonderful,  you really care, and delight in his progress as much as we do. You and the girls just don't let him sit and sleep, you make him work on so many things and made him strong again, in just a couple weeks time!. 

The third day I dropped Ed off at 'S' Gen, I had a doctor's appointment at CCF, the test results were so bad, I ended up being admitted to the hospital right away. We had nobody to care for Ed at all, my daughter called Mary Claire, and within 4 hours, a whole team was put together, they followed y daughter back to our home, Mary Claire, the nurse checked him out, gave him insulin, and a caregiver stayed overnight with him through the Nighgtingale HSC. It was amazing, it went so smoothly, they handled it all, all the details, gave me reports about everything happening, kept my daughter completely informed, and because of that, my anxiety of being in the hospital came down, because I knew he was in good hands and in his own home. They really took care of us, and we only even knew them for three days at this point.

Delores Hamrle of Kirtland Ohio.